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What defines a truly great party? Most of all: generosity of spirit. In his first book, Bronson van Wyck, the man Vogue called 'The Wizard of Oz of New York party planning,' distills the essential pillars of the art of celebration into one volume, with examples drawn from his many successes - and, admittedly, a few entertaining failures. Lusciously illustrated with images from van Wyck's most spectacular events, this is the perfect primer on throwing parties that are as much fun to give as they are to attend.

Every party Bronson van Wyck designs is a party you want to attend. And every party is a creative tour de force , full of innovation, great music, wonderful decoration , and an all encompassing friendly ambience. Energy, joie de Vivre, incomparable glamour, vivaciousness, and otherworldly beauty are just a few of the building blocks Bronson employs to accomplish his wizardry at any party venue, This evocative book captures so much of Bronson's work and evokes the range of his amazing talents.


I’ve watched Bronson van Wyck grow up, as he’s turned his passion into a profession. Born to Party, Forced to Work is an inspiring, beautifully written read for anyone who’s ever wondered how to make a career out of doing what you love. Bronson's sincerity, graciousness, and sly sense of humor come across in every page. And the pictures of the events make you feel like you were there yourself.


This book is like a shot of tequila at the beginning of an unforgettable night. Appropriately so, because serving tequila to guests right when they arrive at our house for a night of revelry is a party trick Bronson van Wyck taught me -- and one I highly recommend. In his book, Bronson shows us that being a great host is something we can all achieve. This beautiful book is a fun gift for those who like to entertain, and for the anxious host as well


[F]unny, informative, and endearing... The book gives readers a peek inside a rarefied world, but never takes itself too seriously, which makes it not only a fine primer for aspiring hosts, but a truly delicious read as well.